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Are you having trouble swallowing? Do you find certain foods are difficult to chew and swallow? Do you cough while eating or drinking? You might experience difficulty swallowing. Swallowing problems can result in a variety of neurological impairments (stroke and brain injury), head and neck cancer, trauma as well as neurodegerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and MS. 


Do you experience any of the following most common symptoms?


  • Coughing during and after meals

  • Food and liquids remaining in the mouth after swallow

  • Food or liquid spilling from the mouth

  • Poor saliva management

  • Sensation of food in the neck

  • Pain when swallowing

  • Difficulty coordinating breathing and swallowing

  • Frequent pneumonia

  • Changes in eating habits and avoidance of food/drinks

  • Wet/gurgly sound voice during and after meals


Speech therapy can help you!


A Speech and Language Pathologist completes a dysphagia evaluation to determine where the impairment occurred, which phase of the swallow is affected and different treatment options. Treatment of swallowing problems will include education in strategies for safe swallowing, diet and liquid textures modifications if needed, as well as exercise program to improve chewing and swallow function.

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