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Have you recently had a stroke or brain injury? Do you or your loved one have word finding difficulties or changes in understanding language? These changes can impact meaningful interactions with friends and family. Communication difficulties may affect your relationships, independence, and day to day function and most importantly quality of life.  It can lead to depression and isolation. 


Do you or your loved one experience the following symptoms?


  • Speak in short and incomplete sentences

  • Word finding difficulties

  • Speak in sentences that do not make sense

  • Substitute one word for another 

  • Speak unrecognizable words

  • Difficulty understanding conversations and following directions

  • Write sentences that do not make sense

Speech Therapy can help you!


At A&A Speech and Swallow Therapy our Speech and Language Pathologist will complete a comprehensive evaluation which will include formal and informal measures.  Individualized treatment plan and goals will be developed with patient and their families to make them functional to your daily life. 

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