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EnD of Life Swallow Evaluation

Difficulty swallowing is a symptom that occurs in the vast majority of patients with a serious life-limiting illness. Swallowing disorders are a part of the natural process at the end of life. Difficulty swallowing can impact the quality of life of the patient as well as of caregivers, whose natural instinct is to nurture and comfort with food. It is often overlooked in patients who are near the end of life.


Speech-language pathologists are responsible for assisting these patients and their families in weighing the potential outcomes of any intervention during this difficult and emotional time. SLP can help patients (and their families) identify and communicate their end of life goals and wishes to keep patients comfortable and improve their quality of life. We can support the patients’ participation in the social aspects of eating to help to maintain relationships with family and friends.

At A&A Speech and Swallow Therapy LLC we use holistic approach for care and intervention to improve oral intake of the favorite foods for as long as possible. We provide careful assessment to determine swallowing potential, prognosis to assist in decision-making, and guidance in safe and appropriate feeding methods. Our SLP will provide patients, families, and the medical team with an understanding of the normal and dysfunctional swallowing processes and recommend an approach and methods to maximize comfort and quality of life.

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