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CognitivE Linguistic

Have you noticed recent changes in memory or your mental flexibility? Do you find that it takes longer to complete simple daily tasks? Cognitive changes can occur due to neurological impairment or dementia. Early intervention is key to prevent injury and maintain independence as long as possible. 

At A&A Speech and Swallow Therapy we can assist clients to get back to doing the things they once loved. Cognitive therapy can help you improve and maintain your independence by working on your abilities using modifications and compensatory strategies.  


There are multiple domains of cognitive functioning which can be impaired due to stroke, brain injury or dementia: Attention, Memory, Executive Functioning, Visuospatial skills, Language and Problem solving. 


At A&A Speech and Swallow Therapy our Speech and Language Pathologist will complete a comprehensive evaluation which will include formal and informal measures.  Individualized treatment plan and goals will be developed with patient and their families to make them functional to your daily life.

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